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When Bruce was going to announce the results, I said, I always hope that it would be Kate who’d be voted out, but she never is the one. But tonight’s been the best result show of this series. Finally, Kate is out! What a relief! Now I can enjoy the show.

Someone at backstage said that ‘It’s a dance competition, and what next? Is Kate going to dance with crutches next week?’ It was nice to see someone on TV talking what I had in mind. This may sound cruel, but this is a dance competition and it is a shame that Gabby and Penny have been voted out.

Since Gabby got voted out, I haven’t really enjoyed watching the show. I thought we were heading for a Kenny and Kate final. Kenny can’t dance either, but he is very entertaining and likable unlike Kate.

Well, no more of Kate! Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show!

Author : dancejive

We saw eight different dances from the eight celebrities left in the competition. First up were Kelly and Brendan with their jive. They got 36 from the judges. Len said ‘you’re a very talented dancer; you did that jive absolutely beautiful’. Kelly was good as always, but I thought she could have let herself go a bit more. She was holding back a lot. The difference between Brendan and Kelly was too obvious. 

Next we saw Letitia and Darren’s foxtrot, and they got 34 from the judges. Letitia has improved a lot, and I think ballroom is her dance and not latin. Craig said to her ‘Sweet, very stylish routine. Nice hill turns, very very classy’.  

Kenny and Ola danced the Cha cha cha and they got 22. This was I think the most entertaining dance of the night. I would like to see more of Kenny’s dancing in the competition. Then we saw Gethin and Camilla do the Rumba. They got 31 from the judges, which I thought was quite high for the dance they did. The judges do have they favourites and this year it’s definitely Gethin.  

John and Nicole did the Tango and got 28 from the judges. John has improved a lot as well. I have a feeling that he might end up in the bottom two and this time the judges might not save him as the others are very good. I don’t think Kate or Kenny would be in the bottom two.  

Then we saw Kate and Anton’s Paso Double’, they got 21 from the judges. All that sympathy votes have kept Kate in the competition so far and I think she’ll be there for sometime. More sympathy votes for her last night because of her back injury. I don’t know how frustrated I am to see Kate still in the competition. Anton was very clever with the choreography by keeping Kate on hold almost during the entire dance. I have nothing to say about Kate except that she cannot dance and she’s not going to get any sympathy votes from me.  

Alesha and Matthew were the best dancers of the night. They got 38 from the judges for their Waltz, and this is the highest score so far in the competition. It was a well deserved score for Alesha. Bruno said ‘I was swept away in the sea of love’. Craig said ‘It gave me goose bumps’.  

The last couple to dance was Matt and Flavia, who got 34 for their Quickstep. Bruno said he was Mr Sheen of the dance floor.  

I just hope the only one who gets voted off is the one who can’t dance and who I find extremely annoying now. But guess what? The great British public who votes feels so much sympathy for her that she will stay and probably be in the final. Well, she can make a fool of herself and we’ll be here to laugh at her! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Author : dancejive

The ten couples in the competition danced either the Paso Doble or the Foxtrot, last night. Alesha and Matthew danced the foxtrot and got the highest score, 36, from the judges. Penny and Ian got 35 from the judges. The highest score for a Paso Doble for the night was for Letitia and Darren and Matt and Flavia, who got 31 from the judges.


Surprisingly Kate and Anton were not on the bottom of the leader board. They got 26 for their foxtrot. Before they went to dance Bruce said ‘Kate is not getting any better, Anton is getting worse’. I agree with this, I think Kate’s ungraceful dancing is forcing Anton to drag his feet across the dance floor. I think the judges purposely gave Kate higher marks and some nice comments so that the public won’t feel as much sympathy for her and would forget to vote for her. Len and Bruno gave 7 for Kate’s dance which is what Kelly got for her Paso Doble. I thought the judges were a bit harsh on Kelly, this could be because of the three lifts from last week, which shouldn’t be, as they should judge on last night’s performance alone. Well, it isn’t Kate who’s getting the votes anyway it’s Anton. I still think the public will keep Kate and Anton, because of Anton’s personality.


Kenny and Ola did a Paso Doble and got the lowest score of the night, 21. But I thought their dance was the most entertaining. Paso Doble really suited Kenny because of his physique. Arlene said to Kenny that masculinity came pouring out of him.


Let’s just see who will be voted out this week. I just hope it’s not someone who can actually dance.

Author : dancejive

We saw Gabby say goodbye to the SCD competition which was the biggest upset so far since the series began in 2004. Clearly Kate or Kenny should have been out of the competition. As people are saying this is a dancing competition and NOT a popularity contest like being on Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here. Some of those dancers are putting a lot of effort in training, sacrificing the time they spend with their family, one such example is Gabby and yet she’s out of the competition! Is this fair? And there are others who are just lazy and do only 2 hours of training per day like Kate. Well now the joke’s over, and viewers should seriously vote for the best dancers and not the worst. I don’t know who was the better dancer out of Gabby and Penny, but certainly Gabby was better at technical steps than Penny and Penny can do the expressions better than Gabby. Anyway the judges decided to keep Penny in as Penny’s performance on the dance off was better than Gabby’s. But I think that overall Gabby is better at all the different types of dances and I really admire her for all the cartwheels and splits that she does, being a 34 year old Mum.

Well, I’m not that keen on watching the show anymore. Normally when Friday comes I’m all excited about Saturday’s SCD show, but I think I might just do something else rather than watch that show where a bunch of people are stumbling and embarrassing themselves in-front of the nation!

Author : dancejive

Last night’s show was a very entertaining show, where we saw the couples either do an American Smooth or a Samba. Matt scored the highest from the judges, 36, for his flawless American Smooth.  Arlene said his dance was ‘absolutely fantastic with smooth lands and lifts’. Bruno said that Matt was in control and charismatic!. The lowest scorer was Kate who got only 16 for her stumbling performance of Samba. Poor Anton had to drag her around the floor, where she seemed to have given up half way through the dance. Craig said to Kate that her dance was entertaining but for all the wrong reasons. Arlene said that she was more like a dancing quail than a dancing queen.

We saw the two brunettes, Alisha and Kelly do the American Smooth where they scored 33 and 34 respectively. Bad boy Brendan had put three lifts into the choreography, where actually they were only allowed two. Craig said that if he had followed the rules then Kelly would have got a 10 from him.

Kenny did a Samba where he scored 18. It was hilarious to watch Kenny do the Samba, to me it looked more like a Paso Doble, where he was stalking behind Ola with his arms flared and had an evil smile on his face. Craig said that it was a dance disaster! Mrs Logan got some funny comments for her Samba, which got 30. Craig said that she was limping around like a wounded mule and Arlene said that she was like a sparrow pecking crumbs.

It was a night full of drama where we saw John nearly drop her dance partner Nicole in the last lift. He got 22 from the judges. We saw Kate nearly injure Anton with her disastrous Samba and Kenny nearly ate Ola with his Samba!

In the results show last Sunday we saw Willie and Erin leave the show, let’s see who will be leaving this week. I doubt it’ll be Kate, as the viewers like Anton, and he’ll be getting the votes which’ll save Kate!

Author : dancejive

We saw tonight the competition really kicking off with all the male and female celebrities dancing off either the Tango or the Jive. The couple with the highest score was Alisha and Matthew, 36 and the lowest was for Kate and Anton, 19.


Alisha, Kelly, Gabby and Matt got scores which were above 30 from the judges. But there seemed to be a bit of unfair marking from the judges, Arlene gave the same score of 7 to both Gabby and Gethin. The total score from the judges for Gethin was 29 and for Gabby this was 31. We saw that Gabby was far better than Gethin on her dance but Arlene gave the same score of 7 to both of them. I think Arlene fancies Gethin and is just jealous that Gabby can do cartwheels and splits. Even Kenny was much better than Gethin but Kenny only got 25. I don’t think the judges like the Logan’s on the show!


Last week we saw Stephanie and Letitia in the dance off which was very unfair. Kate was the one who got the lowest score from the judges, which was 15 out of 40. I know she has been through a lot with the injury but Stephanie did not deserve to go. Let’s hope the viewers will vote to keep the people in the middle of the score bored. That’s the most dangerous place to be, if Alisha and someone else was in the dance off atleast we know the judges will keep Alisha. But if Willie and Penny were to dance off then we will see Willie saying goodbye to the show!

Author : dancejive

It’s the first week of SCD and we saw the men dancing tonight . Compared to last year’s first week the standard was a lot better. All the men have done their best to stay in the competition and I thought the cutest was Gethin and the most likable was Willie.

I have to say that Matt disappointed me very much. Being the youngest contestant on the show he didn’t come out and give all his energy.

Let’s see who will be out first on tomorrow night’s results show.

Author : dancejive

The Strictly Come Dancing hasn’t even started yet but there are rumours that the series winner is already ‘fixed’. The news was reported in a couple of websites including Entertainment Wise. However, the BBC has strongly denied claims Strictly Come Dancing has been “fixed” in favour of busty actress Kelly Brook.

Rumours are that fellow contestants are upset at how much press coverage Kelly has received in the lead up to the series five, and fear a hidden agenda. Soap star Matt Di Angelo complained, “Every time I open a paper she’s pictured in a skimpy outfit and there’s just a few lines about everyone else.”

Punters are even now suggesting that judging by the coverage she is receiving, Kelly is going to win. However, a BBC spokesperson counters the claim, “The show is not being fixed in Kelly’s favour. It is totally fair. Everyone is being treated the same. Kelly’s picture has been used by lots of media outlets because she is very photogenic but that is not our decision.”

The public must have lost the faith in phone in shows and other competitions after this summers revelations that several phone votes are being fixed. Even the Blue Peter show rigged the viewers’ votes. The viewers had voted for the name Cookie in the website poll but Blue Peter staff secretly ignored the voters view and chose Socks instead.

The dance lovers will be watching series five closely and will make lots of noise should any such ‘fixing happens’ to the series. The best dance should win! It is not the ‘looks’ that matters but the performance on the floor!

Author : dancejive

Strictly Come Dancing Blog is dedicated to the dance series of BBC and Ballroom Dancing & Latin Dancing.

In this blog as a fan of the series I will be blogging as the series progresses. The series has captured imagination and interest from different parts of the society. So far there is 4 series of the dance show. It started in 2004 with most recent one held in 2006. The winners of the series four are Mark Ramprakash and his partner Karen Hardy.

The shy reserved former England cricketer stole hearts of many dance lovers and made so many people to adore ballroom and Latin dancing. His and Karen’s performance picked top marks from judges in their way to lift the highly contested trophy.

This year the celebrity dancers have a hard act to follow. Lets see who will impress the viewers?

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