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As usual I was very excited about tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing. When the dances came out to the floor in their beautiful dresses it was even more exciting. All the dancers did a great job. For me the two girls, Rachel and Lisa were the best dancers. If I were to score them, the two girls would be at the top of the leader board and then Tom and Austin would be at the bottom.

As much as I love Austin I couldn’t help notice how much Len favoured his Latin dance compared to Lisa’s. Austin didn’t shake his hips; you could see the difference in Erin and Austin’s dancing. Despite the timing issues and the lack of hip action Len decided to give him a 10. I knew that Len would do that. After Austin danced his Salsa, it was Lisa’s turn to wow the judges and she danced the Jive. She did a great job considering that she has long limbs. When it was time to score I just had this feeling then Len wouldn’t give her a 10. Lisa danced the Latin dance much better than Austin danced his Salsa. Regardless of this Len gave Lisa only 8. It was so unfair. Because of this unfair scoring, I want Austin out of the competition. His scores are very generous indeed and Lisa your score for the Latin wasn’t enough. You should have got 36 instead of 33. No wonder Brendon was upset.

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