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Media pressure has forced John Sergeant to pull out of the competition. Last Sunday when Cherie Lunghi was voted out, I had a feeling that this might happen. John is a gentleman who’s very kind and polite, he wouldn’t enjoy seeing other people being upset. He’s in his 60’s and would feel vulnerable when the judges were saying such horrible things about him.

What I don’t understand is when BBC has clearly set the rules of the competition where 50% of the voting is based on phones calls from the public, why the judges were making a big fuss about the public voting for John Sergeant. I have to say when Heather Small left the competition I was a bit upset and I thought really John should have been voted out then. But when, Cherie left on Sunday, and James Jordan and the judges started making a big fuss I felt as though John was caught up in a tangle of web where he was made to feel guilty for still being in the competition. If the judges and the media want to make a big fuss when someone is left on the show because of public support, then they shouldn’t select celebrities to do the show, but open the competition to anyone from the public, like what they do in the X Factor. Then the judges get to choose the best 10 for the final shows. This way the judges can be happy.

But sorry judges this isn’t the case. From someone who didn’t support anyone at the start of the competition and haven’t still yet voted for anyone to stay, I have to say that I’m angry that John has left. I’m not angry at John but angry at the media and especially the judges. Even though the judges are saying that they are sad to see John leave underneath they must be so happy to see him go; now they don’t need to moan. What they wanted right from the beginning has happened. So Len Goodman, Bruno Toniolli, Craig Revel Horwood and Arlene Phillips, I hope you all are happy but remember John’s fans are out there and they will vote for the under dog next year. So a word of warning – choose some fit, young people for next year’s competition, maybe you could do some auditioning before hand and not show it to the public.

John Sergeants in Strictly Come Dancing

One Comment on “Too much pressure on John – in the end he’s out of Strictly!”

  1. Sue Says:

    Strictly Come dancing will not be the same again without John. I don’t think I will be watching the show any more this year. I adored John he is so funny and he took dancing at his leisure. This is not serious dance competition this is a family entertainment competition! Do you know judges lighten up please!

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