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It’s the ninth week of SCD series five. We saw the couples dance two dances; a ballroom dance and a Latin dance. Alesha and Matthew danced the Tango and the Samba, they got 74 as their total score. Gethin and Camilla danced the Waltz and Salsa and got 74 as well. Third on the leader board were Matt and Flavia who scored a total of 65 for their Tango and Rumba. Fourth were Letitia and Darren who got 56, for their two dances; Quick step and Cha Cha Cha. In the bottom of the leader board were Kenny and Ola who got 53 as a total score for the Foxtrot and Rumba.  

Alesha and Gethin were really good in both dances. But I have to say that Alesha could have come out a bit more, you can tell that she was very nervous. For me she just didn’t go for it completely. Gethin has improved a lot, he is now at Alesha’s level. For his Salsa he scored 35 from the judges.  

I didn’t quite see Matt’s dances. He got 32 for his Tango and 33 for the Rumba. Letitia is someone who tries so hard and puts a lot of pressure on herself and this is not good in any type of performance. She needs to get rid of her nervousness and try and not be too stiff. She needs to loosen up a lot more, she seems as though she’s holding her breath all throughout the dance.  

Kenny got 30 for his Foxtrot and 23 for the Rumba. Kenny just walks on the dance floor sometimes. But he brings the entertainment to the show, and I think Ola is making use of that in the choreography by putting in steps that are not related to the particular dance.  

Well, tonight we will see someone leaving the dance competition, which means there will be only four couples left next week. Out of all the five couples it’s Matt and Letitia who has been in the bottom two before. If they are in the bottom two, then Letitia will be out.  

Who will be the one leaving the competition on the 9th Week?

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