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The remaining seven couples danced either a quickstep, a samba, a Viennese waltz, the American smooth, salsa or cha-cha-cha.

Alesha was the star of last night by getting the highest score from the judges. She danced the cha-cha-cha. It was great to watch her move. She is so tall and got long legs but it didn’t stop her from doing all those cha-cha-cha moves. She’s beaten her record score of 38 from last week and she got 39, with Arlene, Len and Bruno giving her a 10. Craig said, ‘Totally amazing, you are fabulous’, Len said, ‘I’m going to say one thing, your best dance’ and Bruno was a bit excited as always and said ‘My pulse is racing, my heart is racing. It’s Diva time’.

Second from the judges leader board was Matt who got 38. Arlene said, ‘The Ramps returns. The memory of ‘hot hot hot’ was sizzling around this room like sausages on a barbecue’. Bruno said Matt was the ‘Spice boy’ of the competition.

Third was Gethin who did a quickstep and got 34 from the judges. Fourth was Letitia who got 32 for her Viennese Waltz. Fifth of the judges leader board was Kenny who got 30 for his American smooth. He just showed the viewers how much strength he had by lifting Ola up as if she was a rugby ball. Len pointed this out and said that this competition was not strictly come weight lifting. This is true and quite funny.

The biggest surprise for me was Kelly who was sixth (2nd last) on the judges leader board. She got 29 for her Samba. I thought the judges were a bit harsh on her. Their expectation for Kelly is so high that they’re marking her down. As Brendan said she’s not a professional dancer and I thought she deserved more than 29 for her dance. I mean she got all seven’s from three judges and just one eight from Bruno, whereas Kenny who wasn’t technically as good as Kelly got three eight’s and one six.

Last on the leader board was John who got 27 for his samba. I thought he was holding back a few times and at brief moments he’d really get into it and shake his hips. If he had given his all throughout the dance he’d have scored a lot more.

I have a feeling this time the two people in the dance off could be a surprise. I just hope Kelly stays in the competition as she’s gorgeous to watch and she can dance.

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