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The Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly gets lifted up at the start of the new series 10 – as the show’s professionals lift her into the air.

The programme’s male dancers at the BBC’s TV Centre hold aloft the show’s co-host Tess in the opening sequence of today’s launch show.

The Strictly Come Dancing viewers will see the pros burst into their routine on the red carpet as they head to the recording of the BBC1 show, when series theme tune Let’s Go Dancing Tonight strikes up.

The legendary Sir Bruce Forsyth joins the dance, keeping his feet on the ground, while show judge Craig Revel Horwood and newly joined judge Darcey Bussell appear from a taxi in the studio forecourt before heading into the studio to see the professionals on the dancefloor.

This years Strictly Come Dancing show features Olympic cycle star Victoria Pendleton, gymnast Louis Smith and model Jerry Hall. Also among the 14 celebrity contestants in the new series of Strictly are Fern Britton, Denise Van Outen and Westlife’s Nicky Byrne.

The Strictly Come Dancing fans are eagerly waiting for the kick-start of the show this evening on BBC 1. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the celebrity-professional pair-ups.

Author : dancejive

As usual I was very excited about tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing. When the dances came out to the floor in their beautiful dresses it was even more exciting. All the dancers did a great job. For me the two girls, Rachel and Lisa were the best dancers. If I were to score them, the two girls would be at the top of the leader board and then Tom and Austin would be at the bottom.

As much as I love Austin I couldn’t help notice how much Len favoured his Latin dance compared to Lisa’s. Austin didn’t shake his hips; you could see the difference in Erin and Austin’s dancing. Despite the timing issues and the lack of hip action Len decided to give him a 10. I knew that Len would do that. After Austin danced his Salsa, it was Lisa’s turn to wow the judges and she danced the Jive. She did a great job considering that she has long limbs. When it was time to score I just had this feeling then Len wouldn’t give her a 10. Lisa danced the Latin dance much better than Austin danced his Salsa. Regardless of this Len gave Lisa only 8. It was so unfair. Because of this unfair scoring, I want Austin out of the competition. His scores are very generous indeed and Lisa your score for the Latin wasn’t enough. You should have got 36 instead of 33. No wonder Brendon was upset.

Author : dancejive

Media pressure has forced John Sergeant to pull out of the competition. Last Sunday when Cherie Lunghi was voted out, I had a feeling that this might happen. John is a gentleman who’s very kind and polite, he wouldn’t enjoy seeing other people being upset. He’s in his 60’s and would feel vulnerable when the judges were saying such horrible things about him.

What I don’t understand is when BBC has clearly set the rules of the competition where 50% of the voting is based on phones calls from the public, why the judges were making a big fuss about the public voting for John Sergeant. I have to say when Heather Small left the competition I was a bit upset and I thought really John should have been voted out then. But when, Cherie left on Sunday, and James Jordan and the judges started making a big fuss I felt as though John was caught up in a tangle of web where he was made to feel guilty for still being in the competition. If the judges and the media want to make a big fuss when someone is left on the show because of public support, then they shouldn’t select celebrities to do the show, but open the competition to anyone from the public, like what they do in the X Factor. Then the judges get to choose the best 10 for the final shows. This way the judges can be happy.

But sorry judges this isn’t the case. From someone who didn’t support anyone at the start of the competition and haven’t still yet voted for anyone to stay, I have to say that I’m angry that John has left. I’m not angry at John but angry at the media and especially the judges. Even though the judges are saying that they are sad to see John leave underneath they must be so happy to see him go; now they don’t need to moan. What they wanted right from the beginning has happened. So Len Goodman, Bruno Toniolli, Craig Revel Horwood and Arlene Phillips, I hope you all are happy but remember John’s fans are out there and they will vote for the under dog next year. So a word of warning – choose some fit, young people for next year’s competition, maybe you could do some auditioning before hand and not show it to the public.

John Sergeants in Strictly Come Dancing

Author : dancejive

Public once again saved John Sergeant from the judges. Obviously John is doing his best and he has improved a lot from the last week.

This week he got 25 and it is his personal best in this competition.

Once the judges’ scores and the public votes were combined we saw model and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon and partner Brendon Cole and actress Cherie Lunghi and partner James Jordan being left in the bottom two. After the two couples fought for a place to stay in the competition, it was time for the judges to make their decision. Revel Horwood and Phillips voted to keep Snowdon and Cole in the competition. Toniolli voted to keep Lunghi and Jordan in the competition. As it was a tie Len Goodman had to cast the deciding vote and he did not sound very happy and he said ‘I fell like I am chucking someone out of the competition’. He voted to keep Snowdon and Cole in the show.

When it was time for Lunghi and Jordon to go, Jordon said ‘I think people should know that this is a dancing competition and vote for the dance. Otherwise you might see more people being upset’.

John is a beginner and he has improved week by week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see John go all the way to the final.

Author : dancejive

Well, here we are in Week 8 of Strictly Come Dancing. In tonight’s show we saw three couples at the top of the leader board with a score of 36 from the judges. They were Tom and partner Camilla, Cherie and partner James and Lisa and partner Brendan. It’s funny how all three dances were ballroom dances. Tom danced the Quickstep, Cherie danced the Waltz and Lisa danced the Viennese Waltz. Out of these three couples, for me the best was Tom, who looked so natural and professional. Tom got some nice comments from the judges as well. Len said that he was right in character and that there was a charm about it. Bruno said that it was like watching Jumping Jack Flash. Arlene said that he was jumping on giant stones and not on hot coal and that he deserves a place in the final.

It seems as though it’s hard for couples to dance a Latin dance and get a good score from the judges. We saw John again at the bottom of the leader board with only 12 points from the judges. He danced the Cha cha cha. Jodie danced the Samba and got 23. It looked as though John had given up on the whole dancing thing or he’s just too excited about Obama being elected as the president this week. He was just walking around and it was like watching him do the training still. I feel John has gone really far and it might just be his time to leave the competition and go back to what he does best, journalism. Even though John can’t dance the judges were a bit harsh and not even interested to comment on his dance. Craig only gave him 1 out of 10 and said that it was a disaster. Arlene said that John was outstanding when it came to dancing really badly.

The second on the leader board was Rachel and Vincent who did an American Smooth and they got 35 from the judges. Below them were Christine and Matthew who danced the Jive and got 31. I felt as though Christine’s dance was underscored as her Jive was very energetic and exciting. On the other hand I felt that Austin’s Rumba was over-marked. He got 29 for his Rumba, where his hips were very stiff. But I have to say that Erin did a great job with the choreography.

Heather and partner Brian danced the Tango and got 27 from the judges. Craig said to Heather that it was a marked improvement and that the dance suited her a bit more. Arlene said that Heather got stronger and stronger week by week. Len said that he saw drama and passion in it.

Here are tonight’s scores:

Tom and Camilla: 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 36
Cherie and James: 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 36
Lisa and Brendan: 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 36
Rachel and Vincent: 8 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 35
Christine and Matthew: 7 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 31
Austin and Erin: 5 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 29
Heather and Brian: 6 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 27
Jodie and Ian: 3 + 6 + 7 + 7 = 23
John and Kristina: 1 + 3 + 4 + 4 = 12

Author : dancejive

Here are the scores for tonight:

Cherie and James – 35

Rachel and Vincent – 33

Lisa and Brendan – 32

Christine and Matthew – 26

Heather and Brian – 23

Jodie and Ian – 22

Jessie and Darren – 19

Tonight we saw the girls take onto the dance floor with either a Quickstep or a Rumba. Christine, Heather, Jessie and Rachel did a Quickstep and Lisa, Jodie and Cherie did a Rumba. Cherie Lunghi and James Jordan were at the top of the leader board and their Rumba got the highest score ever given for a Rumba in Strictly history. Second on the leader board were Rachel Stevens and Vincent Simone for their Quickstep. Just behind them were Lisa Snowdon and Brendan Cole. Christine Bleakley and Matthew Cutler got the dangerous fourth place for their Quickstep. They scored 26 from the judges. Heather Small and Brian Fortuna got only 23 for their Quickstep. Just behind them were Jodie Kidd and Ian Waite. They got 22 for their Rumba. At the bottom of the leader board were Jessie Wallace and Darren Bennett, who only got 19.

Here are the scores from the judges; Craig, Arlene, Len and Bruno, in that order.

First up were Christine and Matthew. Bruno said that Christine lost the frame a bit but that it was a good effort. Craig said that he loved the opening and that she looked elegant and gorgeous but that she was chasing the beat at times.

The scores were 6, 6, 7, 7 = 26

Next it was Jodie doing her Rumba for which Len said that her footwork was good but that it lacked emotion. Arlene said that at the beginning she thought that Jodie was controlling Ian but later she changed to a Vogue model.

The scores were 4, 6, 6, 6 = 22

Then it was Heather’s turn to do the Quickstep. Craig said that technically it wasn’t good but that he loved her energy. Arlene said that it was heavy and that her shoulder’s were up. There was a disagreement between Arlene and Craig and Len.

Her scores were 6, 5, 6, 6 = 23

After that we saw Cherie’s raunchy Rumba with James. It got the highest score for a Rumba in Strictly, which was 35. Arlene said that she had a lump in her throat. Len said that there was emotion in that dance.

Their scores were 9, 9, 8, 9 = 35

Next up were Jessie and Darren who did a Quickstep. Arlene said that sometimes Jessie was dancing but at other times she looked as though she was on a football field. Bruno said that it was a bit rough and that her posture wasn’t there.

Her scores were 3, 5, 5, 6 = 19

Then we saw Lisa and Brendan do a Rumba. Bruno said that there was plenty of juice and that men would come running for her hips and legs. Len said that her footwork was lovely and that when she got that right her legs and hips were right.

Her scores were 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32

Rachel and Vincent were the last to dance and they did a Quickstep. Craig said that it was light and bright and that he loved it. Bruno said that they were flying high effortlessly and that it was the best Quickstep of the night.

Their scores were 8, 8, 9, 8 = 33

So who do you think will go? I think Jessie will get the sympathy vote and will again be saved by the EastEnders fans. On Sunday it might be either Christine, Heather or Jodie leaving the competition sadly, as they are in the middle of the leader board. We have seen this happen in the past, it might just be another upset for SCD.

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The sixth series of the hit show Strictly Come Dancing is back with more glitz, glamour, show-stopping moves and more sequins than ever before. This time there will be six new celebrities two more than last years fourteen. They will be paired up with internationally renowned professional dancers.

The new series will start on 20th September, and the line up of celebrities range from singers and sports men to actors and presenters. Some of them include former member of S Club 7, Rachel Stevens, famous chef Gary Rhodes, Eastenders stars Gillian Taylforth and Jessie Wallace. The British Olympian Mark Foster and former British number one tennis player Andrew Castle will also spare some time for some sequence on their shirts.

With just three weeks to go before the show starts, you have plenty of time to make your Saturday nights free to watch the show.

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It’s the ninth week of SCD series five. We saw the couples dance two dances; a ballroom dance and a Latin dance. Alesha and Matthew danced the Tango and the Samba, they got 74 as their total score. Gethin and Camilla danced the Waltz and Salsa and got 74 as well. Third on the leader board were Matt and Flavia who scored a total of 65 for their Tango and Rumba. Fourth were Letitia and Darren who got 56, for their two dances; Quick step and Cha Cha Cha. In the bottom of the leader board were Kenny and Ola who got 53 as a total score for the Foxtrot and Rumba.  

Alesha and Gethin were really good in both dances. But I have to say that Alesha could have come out a bit more, you can tell that she was very nervous. For me she just didn’t go for it completely. Gethin has improved a lot, he is now at Alesha’s level. For his Salsa he scored 35 from the judges.  

I didn’t quite see Matt’s dances. He got 32 for his Tango and 33 for the Rumba. Letitia is someone who tries so hard and puts a lot of pressure on herself and this is not good in any type of performance. She needs to get rid of her nervousness and try and not be too stiff. She needs to loosen up a lot more, she seems as though she’s holding her breath all throughout the dance.  

Kenny got 30 for his Foxtrot and 23 for the Rumba. Kenny just walks on the dance floor sometimes. But he brings the entertainment to the show, and I think Ola is making use of that in the choreography by putting in steps that are not related to the particular dance.  

Well, tonight we will see someone leaving the dance competition, which means there will be only four couples left next week. Out of all the five couples it’s Matt and Letitia who has been in the bottom two before. If they are in the bottom two, then Letitia will be out.  

Who will be the one leaving the competition on the 9th Week?

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Kelly has decided to pull out of SCD after her dad passed away on Monday night. I have to say I learnt about his death on Thursday, but admired Kelly’s decision to carry on dancing. I only found out that she had left just a couple of hours before the start of the show on Saturday. I was absolutely gutted, I felt like a 9 year old. I can absolutely 100% understand why she decided to leave. I just wish her all the very best and condolences to her family! The competition will not be the same without you, Kelly.  

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The remaining seven couples danced either a quickstep, a samba, a Viennese waltz, the American smooth, salsa or cha-cha-cha.

Alesha was the star of last night by getting the highest score from the judges. She danced the cha-cha-cha. It was great to watch her move. She is so tall and got long legs but it didn’t stop her from doing all those cha-cha-cha moves. She’s beaten her record score of 38 from last week and she got 39, with Arlene, Len and Bruno giving her a 10. Craig said, ‘Totally amazing, you are fabulous’, Len said, ‘I’m going to say one thing, your best dance’ and Bruno was a bit excited as always and said ‘My pulse is racing, my heart is racing. It’s Diva time’.

Second from the judges leader board was Matt who got 38. Arlene said, ‘The Ramps returns. The memory of ‘hot hot hot’ was sizzling around this room like sausages on a barbecue’. Bruno said Matt was the ‘Spice boy’ of the competition.

Third was Gethin who did a quickstep and got 34 from the judges. Fourth was Letitia who got 32 for her Viennese Waltz. Fifth of the judges leader board was Kenny who got 30 for his American smooth. He just showed the viewers how much strength he had by lifting Ola up as if she was a rugby ball. Len pointed this out and said that this competition was not strictly come weight lifting. This is true and quite funny.

The biggest surprise for me was Kelly who was sixth (2nd last) on the judges leader board. She got 29 for her Samba. I thought the judges were a bit harsh on her. Their expectation for Kelly is so high that they’re marking her down. As Brendan said she’s not a professional dancer and I thought she deserved more than 29 for her dance. I mean she got all seven’s from three judges and just one eight from Bruno, whereas Kenny who wasn’t technically as good as Kelly got three eight’s and one six.

Last on the leader board was John who got 27 for his samba. I thought he was holding back a few times and at brief moments he’d really get into it and shake his hips. If he had given his all throughout the dance he’d have scored a lot more.

I have a feeling this time the two people in the dance off could be a surprise. I just hope Kelly stays in the competition as she’s gorgeous to watch and she can dance.

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